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Japanese and Asian Style Ceiling Fans

Japanese and Asian Style Ceiling fans offer a decorative way of saving energy and offering light to a room. We offer the widest variety of these Oriental styled fans anyway for your convenience. The fans vary in design from sleek and contemporary to traditional styles with rattan and bamboo.

Japanese and Asian Style Ceiling Fans

The Akina - from $392

The Takumi - from $399

The Shinsho - from $338.20

The Midoro - from $298.80

Mission Fan - from $699

The Nagano - from $328

Shiga Ceiling Hugger Fan - from $328

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Our Japanese style ceiling fans offer a variety of options. We carry thousands of different models from over 20 fan companies and select these oriental fans specifically for this website. We can get most any model so please call us if you don't see what you like. Japanese ceiling fans often have a very unusual look that uses natural materials like rattan or bamboo with soft architectural elements to create an attractive and soothing feel.

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