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Japanese and Oriental Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides more then just function, it should also provide security, beauty and style. We hand picked these Japanese and Asian style outdoor lights to offer the widest variety of styles possible including custom ones designed by our own artist, David Massey.  Oriental lights range in style form antique styles with natural bamboo, wood and rattan, to modern chrome and glass models.

Japanese and Oriental Outdoor Lights
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Moro Series
40 Different Designs

HF Modern Prairie Series

The Kumano Series
45 Different Designs
HF Modern Lantern Series

Chiba Series
40 Different Models

Kana Lanterns
24 Different Designs

Kaito Series 

20 different Designs
KE Tessaku Series

TL Bamboo Series

Sapporo Series

20 different designs

HF Airis Series
MF Kaidan Series

A19 Nature Collection

MF Takayama Series

HF Exos Series

Sendai Series

25 Different Designs

Tottori Series

30 Different Designs

CM Mandalay Series

HF Arc Ellispe

HF After Hours Series

ELK Kanso Lantern Series

HF Banded Series

ELK Midori Lantern Series

PL Fuji Lantern Series

HF Tourou Series

CL870 Kinosaki Series


for Indoors and Outdoors

HF Banded Series

CM Vale Series

These families of Oriental and Japanese outdoor lights are a perfect complement to any Japanese garden, or areas where an oriental style is desired.  They offer a very different appearance then the traditional lanterns and can dress up even a traditional house with minimal effort. Just adding a Japanese style outdoor light or lantern can transform even a traditional house and enhance it's beauty. The lantgerns come in a diverse range of colors, sizes and styles to suit any style.

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