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Kinosaki Ceiling Lights

These custom ceiling lights from designer David Massey are hand-made to order in our Albuquerque studio, offering almost unlimited color, design, and liner options. The panels and even liner colors can be mixed and matched to create exactly what you like. You can even pick the bottom panel colors!  We specialize in custom designs so call us for any ideas.

UL Rated for indoor and outdoor damp locations such as under covered porches or entry ways.

Use the black tabs below to view Pricing, Dimensions, Designs, Finish Colors, Liner Colors, Bulbs, and other Specifications.

These lights are made to order - Please allow 3 weeks for making the fixtures.

Kinosaki CL870 Ceiling Lights

Kinosaki Ceiling Lights

Price: $194
12" square by 6" tall

Choose Side Panel Designs
(See Designs Tab Below)
Panel Design 1
Panel Design 2
Panel Design 3
Panel Design 4
Choose Metal Finish Color
(See Finish Colors Tab Below)
Choose Side Panels Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Below)
Choose Design Cut Outs Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Below)
Choose Bottom Design
(See Designs Tab Below)
Choose Bottom Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Below)

Sample Pictures - Click to Enlarge

CL870-12-C127A color-Happiness/Bamboo - silver mica side panel - amber mica cut out liner color

products/CL870-12-Koi_friendship-C127A-ivory liners- white bottom_big.jpg
 CL870-12-C127A color-Friendship/Koi 1 - ivory side panel - amber mica cut out liner color - Shoji 4 bottom - ivory bottom

products/CL870-12-koi-Screen-C153-amber mica_big.jpg
CL870-12-C153 color-
Koi 2/Shogi 4 - Shoji 4 bottom - amber mica side panel, bottom, and cut out liner color

 CL870-12-C153 color-
Rice/Shogi 4 - white acrylic cut out liner color - Shoji 4 bottom - amber mica side panel and bottom

CL870-12-C127A color-
Bamboo - Amber Mica sides with
green cut out liner color - Shoji 4
bottom - Amber Mica bottom
CL870-12-C127A color-Strength/Lantern - Amber
Mica sides - Shoji 4 bottom -
White Acrylic bottom
CL870 -12
CL870-12 in C027 color-
Cherry Blossom/Peace -
Shoji 2 bottom and White Acrylic
side panel, bottom, and
cut out liner color
CL870-24 in C146 Finish
Combination of Koi, Cherry Blossoms and Shogi 2 Designs
with Amber Mica cut out liner color, Shoji 2 bottom
and Ivory Acrylic liner on side panels and bottom.
This fixture demonstrates the range of customization
available with our made to order lighting. Please call to
order different designs or more than 3 liner colors.

Price: $395
Choose Metal Finish Color
(See Finish Colors Tab Above)
Choose Side Panels Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Above)
Choose Design Cut Outs Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Above)
Choose Bottom Design
(See Designs Tab Above)
Choose Bottom Liner Color
(See Liner Colors Tab Above)
24" Models Shown in A Restaurant

Pricing and Dimensions

12" square by 6" tall - Uses 2-60W standard bulb - $194
24.75" square by 8" tall - Uses 6-23W compact fluorescent bulbs (included) - See Images Gallery - $395

Design Options

Side Panel Designs - Click to Enlarge

Bottom Designs - Click to Enlarge


These lights are handmade to order so you can custom design your own light! Pick any three designs from the above patterns for the lantern models or use the same design on all three sides. We will hand make each light just for you so the choices are endless.

Many of our designs are copyrighted - any unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited by law.

Finish Colors

Please use the following metal colors to order from - Click To Enlarge
These lights are hand painted in our New Mexico factory and may vary slightly from order to order. The true colors may appear differently based on your monitor and printer settings. Actual color chips can be ordered at no cost for a truer match. CLICK HERE to order color chips.

Color C027 - Satin Black
Color C166 - Copper with gold accent and dark brown/black accent
Color C032 - Dark Bronze
Color C032A - Dark Bronze with Rust Accents
Color C153 - Metallic Dark Bronze on Black
Color C146 -  Red/brown with dark brown Mottling
Color C127 - Black with rusty red
Color C127A - Black with touches of rusty red 
Color C154 - Copper Mottled on black
Color C140 - Antique Brown on copper
Color C124 - Earthy red with Dark Green and copper accent
Color C169 - Natural Ivory earth tones
Color C029 - Rich Terracotta Red in Semi-gloss finish
Color C167 - Antique Silver on Black
Color C156 - Antique Gold on Black
Color C139 - Antique Bronze  glazed copper
Color C153A - Metallic Dark Bronze on Red

Liner Colors

Click Pictures to Enlarge

Liner Material (goes behind cut out patterns)

Amber Mica
Silver Mica
Green Tinted Amber Mica
Green Tinted Silver Mica
White Acrylic
products/ivory liner_big.jpg
Ivory Acrylic
products/parchment liner_big.jpg
Parchment Acrylic
products/suede acrylic_big.jpg
Suede Acrylic


12" square by 6" tall - Uses 2-60W standard bulb
24.75" sqaure by 8" tall - Uses 6-23W compact fluorescent bulbs (included)

Specifications and Technical Information

Made from hand formed and painted galvanized steel. UL Rated for indoor and outdoor damp locations such as under covered porches or entry ways.

12" square by 6" tall
24.75" square by 8" tall

Shipping Information

Averages 3 weeks. Rush delivery of 1.5 weeks plus shipping is available for a 20% up charge - please call for details.

Ordering Instructions - Please call us at (800) 275-5482 for any questions or assistance

We Ship To Canada and Japan

We offer Free Shipping within the Continental US
(Basic Ground Service - See details below)

Please call for orders shipping to Canada, Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

Satisfaction Guarantee and Returns Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a full guarantee on our products, even ones custom made just for you! Shopping over the internet is fun and often easier than in stores, but does have some limitations, chiefly not being able to actually see and touch the merchandise.  We want you to be happy with your purchase and if for any reason the lights, fans or accessories do not meet with your approval, simply send them back insured in their original box with all the parts in "like new" condition, including the boxes, and in resalable condition for credit. There is a 25% restocking charge on non-Copper Canyon lighting, or a 10% restocking charge on all Copper Canyon merchandise to cover the initial shipping charges to send the order.  Please be aware that if the cardboard boxes arrive too damaged for us to reship the products, we will not be able to provide a credit and you will have to file a claim with your shipping company. Ceiling fans and chandeliers cannot have been installed as we cannot sell them once the wires have been cut. Missing or damaged parts will be charged a restocking fee equal to the cost to return them to like new condition. We highly recommend double boxing the products to prevent any damage to both the items and the boxes. Any damage will be the sender's responsibility.  Compare this to most lighting and even big Depot stores that will not take back custom order items at all, and you can see how confident you will be in the quality and value of our products.

                                                           Returned Packaging
               Comparison of typical returned box versus new one - We could not send this box out again.

For orders on custom made products like any of our Copper Canyon Line, the order must be cancelled within 3 days of placing it to receive a refund. After that, a refund will be made based on what stage of manufacturing the light is in. These lights are all hand made to order and can be very difficult to resell. To cancel an order, the request must be called in,  faxed or emailed, but the request is only complete after you receive a written confirmation either by fax or email to ensure the order is cancelled and that the credit amount is correct. Without proof of cancellation, we are not responsible for crediting back the invoice amount.


Free Shipping within Continental US - Basic Ground Service*

Shipping is free of charge within the contiguous United States.

Free Shipping Area
*Basic Ground Service via the carrier of our choice. Delivery times are not guaranteed.
Shipping will be charged

Shipping will be charged

Rush Manufacturing

There is 20% optional up-charge for the RUSH manufacturing option. Custom lighting such as the Copper Canyon series take 3-4 weeks to produce. The 20% up-charge ensures that the order is moved to the top of the production queue for a typical 1-2 week manufacturing lead time.  UPS 3rd, 2nd and next day shipping is an additional charge.  Please instruct your salesperson to add this charge if you need your order in a hurry.

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